What Is GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of many industries and businesses across Australia and New Zealand. By providing visibility and functional insights into key areas related to the management of vehicles and equipment, GPS tracking technology is driving efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

Although GPS tracking for fleet vehicles has been available for several decades, there have been notable advances in recent times, making it more useful, reliable and affordable for businesses. Though the technologies behind modern fleet GPS tracking systems are advanced, the systems are easy to operate and user-friendly.

GPS tracking for fleet vehicles

Before we delve into the specifics of how fleet GPS tracking systems benefit modern businesses — and the types of industries taking advantage of advanced GPS tracking systems for fleet management — let’s take a look at what GPS fleet tracking is and how it works.

What is GPS fleet tracking? 

GPS Fleet tracking from Consignmate is a system that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking from drivers’ mobile devices to locate and monitor fleet vehicles and assets, such as freight, in real-time. Using cellular and satellite technology, GPS tracking provides valuable insights and information to transport operators.

By showing fleet and asset locations in real-time, operators can monitor vehicle movements and gain insights through our software in such areas as:

  • Waiting Time Spent on different sites, such as loading docks
  • Actual travel times so that late arrival notifications can be generated
  • Equipment usage

With this information, operators can then make strategic decisions, looking at ways to increase operational efficiency and improve their fleet and assets’ return on investment (ROI). Put simply, the right fleet GPS tracking system has the potential to revolutionise the business using it!

How GPS fleet tracking works

GPS fleet tracking works by connecting the GPS system from a driver’s mobile device to a group of satellites to pinpoint the vehicle’s current location. Tracking the vehicle’s location also tracks its assets, including its driver and freight. Our advanced fleet GPS tracking systems use GPS chips in drivers’ mobile phones to obtain location data.

This data is then transmitted to a cloud server. Operators can obtain the data via a cloud-based software application, where it will be presented in real-time in an easily digestible format.

Reputable fleet tracking software applications, such as Consignmate’s Freight Management System, can be run on all platforms and operating systems, making it easy to track real-time data at any time. Users can simply log in to the system from wherever there is a secure internet connection.

As GPS tracking systems for fleet management use satellite technology, the data generated is extremely accurate. Further, GPS fleet tracking through mobile devices is suitable for most land-based vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, construction equipment, and trailers.

Benefits of GPS fleet tracking

While in the past, GPS fleet tracking was used primarily to prevent drivers from getting lost, it now provides a myriad of benefits to transport operators, including:

  • Real-time location alerts — With a fleet GPS tracking system, a quick computer check is needed to determine the location of all vehicles, drivers, assets and freight at any given moment. This means no more complicated guesswork or tedious phone calls for operators.
  • Improved customer satisfaction — GPS fleet tracking allows customers to be updated on the status of their deliveries via text or email. As delivery times can be calculated almost to the minute, customers can be informed of any delays or other issues as they happen. 
  • Easier route planning — With GPS fleet tracking, operators can determine the best transport routes, effectively counteracting any road maintenance or severe weather issues for their drivers.
  • Improved stakeholder communication — GPS fleet tracking allows operators to share real-time shipment information with internal and external teams, ensuring they’re up to date with locations, arrivals and carrier information.
  • Cost savings — By increasing vehicle and driver efficiencies, GPS fleet tracking helps businesses cut costs in such areas as fuel, vehicle maintenance, insurance, logistics, communications, and even safety.
  • A competitive edge for your business — A GPS fleet tracking system can ultimately help drive your business forward, and give you an edge over competitors.

Which industries use GPS fleet tracking?

These days, GPS fleet tracking is routinely used in just about every industry, with each industry or business type having its own primary use for it.

Freight-based operations use mobile GPS tracking technology to monitor vehicle location and movement and ensure excellent customer service. Along with checking that their vehicles are travelling efficiently, managers can quickly verify location details in the event of a breakdown. GPS tracking also allows customers to track their orders. 

GPS fleet tracking is used in the construction industry to ensure the correct equipment is utilised across job sites and by passenger transit companies to allow for more efficient dispatch of commercial drivers, among other things. Bus companies also use GPS tracking to help with route planning and location announcements.

How freight management systems are revolutionising transportation companies

When it comes to improving productivity across the board, modern transportation companies can’t go past a well-designed freight management system. A freight management system with mobile GPS tracking equips transport operators and their customers with tools to plan and manage multiple consignments successfully.

A sound freight management system can drive your business to new levels of efficiency by providing greater visibility of shipments, so you always know exactly where they are. Never again will you need to deal with the fallout from inaccurate shipment information!

Drive your business forward with a fleet GPS tracking system from Consignmate

At Consignmate, we understand the crucial role GPS fleet tracking plays in modern transport and freight businesses. Our cloud-based freight/GPS tracking was designed and built with this in mind.

Our affordable freight management solution allows complete visibility over your transport operations with GPS tracking of jobs, proof of deliveries, photos and more — all in one centralised interface. Access live tracking information easily via a web browser anytime — no complicated or lengthy installation process is required.

Our user-friendly software runs in your browser and works with your platform of choice — PC, Mac, Apple IOS, Android, smartphone or tablet. The best thing? As a subscription-based platform, you pay only for what you need, allowing you to scale as you grow with no lock-in contracts. Ready to get started? Arrange a free demo today!