Consignment Management System

Our fully-featured consignment management system is designed to provide you with a fine level of control over your entire warehouse and logistics operations. From the dispatching of customer orders and the receiving of incoming goods to inventory management and the raising of invoices, Consignmate covers all of the critical areas that you need to oversee.

Cloud-based consignment software designed to make your life easier


Because our consignment software runs in the cloud, there are no complicated installation procedures to worry about — and all maintenance and updates are handled by our team! All you need to do is log in via your browser and start enjoying the many features that Consignmate has to offer.

Automatic data entry

Consignmate includes an advanced electronic data interface (EDI), which is designed to facilitate the transfer of data between the different applications and systems you use. This EDI can be configured to retrieve data from incoming documents and transfer it to your databases, meaning less work for your administrative team and fewer data input errors.

Accurate consignment tracking software

With the GPS tracking functionality included in our system, you’ll always know where every consignment is, at any time. What’s more, you can provide login access to your customers so they can track the progress of their deliveries too. This functionality reduces the need for you to contact your drivers while they are on the road and reduces the number of calls from customers as well. With less time spent on the phone dealing with inbound and outgoing calls, your consignment management team can focus on their core responsibilities, leading to a more efficient logistics operation.

Consignment inventory software

If you are selling goods on consignment, you can easily manage your consigned stock with our flexible cloud software. Consignmate includes all of the features and functionality you need to record sales, keep track of consignment inventory and produce accurate reports for both internal and external use.

The best consignment software for small business owners

With our subscription-based cloud software, you won’t have any large up-front costs to cover — and you’ll only ever have to pay for the resources you really need. Consignmate is a highly scalable solution that will grow with your business while ensuring that you are always in control of your IT operating costs. All software upgrades are taken care of by a remote team of specialists, so you don’t need a large in-house IT team to take advantage of everything Consignmate has to offer.

If you’ve been looking for an advanced consignment management system that is perfect for small businesses, your search is over: contact us now to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

A cloud-based consignment solution can reduce your overall business expenses in a number of ways. By automating many data entry tasks, you can save money on administration; for example, by managing your inventory more effectively, you can improve supply chain performance. Similarly, by adopting an integrated solution for carriers and drivers you can optimise delivery routes and streamline your entire logistics operation.

When you’re evaluating the various consignment solutions currently available, we recommend considering the level of support you need, the ease with which your team can adopt each system, and how well it will scale in the future. It’s important to consider your needs several years down the track, not just the immediate challenges facing the business.

If you require consignment software for small business logistics, we suggest you seriously consider outsourcing your system, i.e. choosing a cloud-based system such as Consignmate. It’s a maintenance-free solution that’s perfect for SMEs.