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A transportation management system helps in the secure movement of goods, timely delivery, tracking freight and lowering costs. A robust TMS system for carriers helps in reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency. Investing in the right transport management system for carriers and drivers is a key consideration for your transport and logistics company. A system that will highlight where your drivers are, what they’re carrying, when they’re expected to arrive and when they’ll be available for the next job is what you need. Minimising data entry, avoiding double-handling and ensuring accuracy on reports are also critical. Our transportation management software, can help to uplift and streamline operations for on-time deliveries and optimising the cost.  

But these are just the basics — there are numerous other factors you should consider when choosing a carrier TMS. And that’s where Consignmate comes in. We provide comprehensive solutions and whether you are looking for TMS system for driver or TMS software for carriers, we have you covered. Our TMS carrier systems are designed to simplify the supply chain and offer real-time tracking and tracing.  

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Consignmate — your all-in-one solution for carriers and drivers 

Consignmate’s TMS systems for carriers enables you to track the whereabouts of your carriers in real-time, allowing you new visibility into your operations. Whether you’re using your own drivers or utilising a third-party provider, you’re able to easily integrate all of the key functions for carriers and drivers. This includes GPS tracking, filtering drivers by qualification, invoicing and more.

 With the right drive and carrier TMS, you’re able to optimise routes, driver schedules and much more. So whether you’re looking to increase your efficiency, cut costs within the business or simply gain more transparency about the way your deliveries are working, it’s time to make the switch to Consignmate.  

How our TMS Software for Carriers and Drivers Works

  • GPS-based
    There’s no more guesswork when it comes to the location of carriers or drivers, thanks to GPS tracking. You’ll have a total overview of where they are and what they’re doing. 
  • Compatibility across all devices
    When it comes to devices and operating systems, we know every business is different — and that you likely need software that can run across multiple different platforms. That’s why our transport management system for carriers runs across browsers and mobile devices alike, across Windows, Mac, Android, Apple iOS and more. So no matter what sort of devices or OS your team uses, you’ll have access to your transport and management system.


  • Coming soon — ETA predictions
    Launching soon in an upcoming update — the driver’s ETA will be recalculated every 15 minutes, based on the movements of our integrated freight tracking service. Using real-world data like travel speed, traffic conditions and more, you’ll be able to predict arrival with far greater accuracy than was previously possible.
  • Low-touch apps
    Your drivers need to keep their eyes on the road — that’s why our TMS is designed to minimise the need for interaction. This way, your drivers are kept safe, reducing the risk of crashes or other accidents. 
  • Live dispatch board
    Easily arrange and re-route drivers as necessary with the live dispatch board, which provides real-time insights into the current status of your products and drivers alike.
  • Easily provide proof of delivery
    You’ll no longer require multiple processes to indicate proof of delivery — Consignmate can easily track it all and log proof for you via photos and signatures.
  • Driver and carrier invoicing
    If you’re using third-party drivers, they can submit their invoices through the same app they use every day to monitor their workload and submit delivery confirmations.
  • Easy-to-use driver overview, including their qualifications
    Need a specific driver for a specific purpose? Consignmate easily allows you to sort your drivers according to their professional background and current qualifications. Save time and hassle on manually sorting through your records.
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Use Consignmate to provide new insights for senders and receivers

With our integrated freight software, your customers are also able to see where their shipments are in real-time. You’ll also be able to provide them with key information around dispatch, pick-up and delivery, both manually and automatically. There’s no more need for constant back and forth for updates — all the information is right there at your fingertips. 

Affordable, scalable driver and carrier management solutions

Our product is able to scale with you, with costs adjusted according to the number of concurrent users. It’s an affordable way to gain greater visibility into your business while also providing your carriers and drivers with the services they need in one convenient package.

Driving your company's future with Consignmate

When you opt for Consignmate, you’re taking the right steps to advance your carrier management processes. You’ll get access to a user-friendly carrier TMS that’s got all the features you need while still being at a cost-effective price. Able to scale according to the scope of your operations, it’s an SaaS solution that will provide you with all the benefits of cloud technology. 

Consignmate is also able to assist you throughout the setup process, enabling you to transition from your previous software, all with minimal disruption to your business.  

Get in touch with the team at Consignmate today 

Talk to the team at Consignmate today for a free demo of our carrier management solutions. We’ll be able to provide you with new levels of visibility into your carrier operations across Australia and New Zealand. Take control of your carrier assets today.

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