Freight/GPS Tracking

Take control of your freight-based operations and revolutionize your business. Freight management software that delivers greater visibility of shipments has arrived!

At Consignmate, we provide freight GPS tracking solutions so that you get real-time location for improved communication and lower delays. Our premiere freight GPS tracking software offers end-to-end tracking to enable businesses to build a robust transportation network. For any business, visibility is critical, and with the freight tracking software, companies can conveniently follow shipment. If you are keen to take control of your freight, we have the perfect solutions for you. 

Consignment’s Freight GPS Tracking drives efficiency for Australian and New Zealand transport businesses of all sizes. Track your freight in real-time from pick-up to delivery and all the stages in between. You’ll know exactly where your shipments are at all times.

Whether you use your own drivers, a carrier or a third-party logistics (3PL) company, Consignmate’s freight management system can transport your business to new levels of operational efficiency. You’ll never have to deal with inaccurate shipment information again.

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Freight GPS Tracking System

How freight GPS tracking works

  • GPS-based

For carriers, senders and receivers, our freight trackers are GPS-based. This means you can locate, track and monitor shipments in real time. No more guesswork or frantic phone calls — with just a glance at your shipment’s status codes, you’ll know exactly where it is. 

  • Runs on all platforms

Our TMS for freight is a browser based  and mobile application that runs on any platform — Mac, Android, Apple iOS and more. Whatever operating system your business uses, our reliable freight management system will be compatible with it.

  • ETA predictions — coming soon!

Coming soon in a new update — ETA is recalculated every 15 minutes, based on the freight tracker’s movements. This means ETA predictions will be more accurate because they’re based on real-time travel speeds, traffic conditions and other factors that influence arrival times.

You’ll also be able to easily share ETA predictions with customers, teams and job sites, allowing them to take appropriate action if there are delays or changes to schedules.

Driving success in transport operations

  • Get instant visibility with real-time tracking — See the current and past locations of all shipments in a matter of seconds.Consignmate’s freight management system allows you to:
  • Keep everyone informed — It’s easy to set up text and email notifications for customers and staff. Keep everyone in the loop by sending alerts before the arrival of a shipment. Let customers know if there are delays or other delivery issues. Consignmate’s freight shipping software is an efficient win-win for all parties.
  • Protect valuable freight — Add reliability and security to critical shipments or your general freight services with our shipment trackers.
  • See the big picture — View and manage all your shipments on one easy-to-use freight tracking screen. With Consignmate’s powerful freight management system, you’ll discover how to track shipments quickly, effortlessly and with much greater efficiency.
  • Update customers and staff — Give customers or other users access to the shipment information they need via a read-only tracking link. Share shipment data with internal and external teams so they’ve got the latest on locations, carrier information and arrivals.
  • Get a competitive edge — Use our freight management software to differentiate your business from competitors.
Freight GPS Tracking

 For carriers

Our shipment tracking software can directly provide your customers with information about their freight. As a result, you’ll spend less time responding to incoming messages and calls about the location of shipments. Additionally, your drivers can easily upload the proof of delivery (POD) on the spot, speeding up the release of payment from customers and improving your cash flow.

 For Drivers

Consignmate’s freight tracker mobile apps are low-touch and minimise the need for interaction. This allows drivers to concentrate on driving safely while sticking to the schedule.

If necessary, drivers can also maintain their privacy when they’re not engaged in transporting a shipment.

 For senders and receivers

For distribution centres, warehouses, facility managers and customers in general, Consignmate lets you check on shipments in real time. You can view details of dispatch, pick-up and delivery, thanks to the automatic tracking of in and out times.

 Affordable, best-fit TMS for your freight

Consignmate’s flexible pricing structure gives you access to quality freight management software whether you’re handling low volumes or enterprise levels of shipments. Costs will scale with numbers of concurrent users, making Consignmate a very affordable shipment tracking software solution.

 Why choose Consignmate?

Choosing Consignmate means choosing reliable freight management experts. You’ll get a user-friendly freight management system at a cost-effective price — all scaled to suit the size and scope of your operations.

As well as providing a quality product, Consignmate will get your software and trackers set up and running quickly, with minimal disruption to your business. Consignmate is a SaaS company, so you also get all the benefits of cloud technology, including easy access to upgrades, simpler integrations with other software and flexible, two-way scalability.

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Gain new levels of visibility into your Australian or New Zealand freight operations with Consignmate’s easy-to-use freight management system. Contact us today to arrange a free demo. You’ll soon be able to shift your freight management operations into top gear.