Freight Management System

Whether you are running a small logistics operation with a strictly local reach or a large, nationwide supply chain, a well-designed freight management system could help you make efficiency improvements across the board. Online freight software can revolutionise how you manage your business by simplifying your administration procedures and making it easy for you to track every consignment from dispatch to delivery.

What exactly is a freight management system?

Our fully-featured freight management system is a powerful software application that provides transportation companies and their customers with all the tools they need to plan and manage multiple consignments. It includes modules covering customer management, job management, invoicing, electronic proof of delivery, and GPS tracking functionality.

Our cloud-based freight software makes it easy for all parties to log in and check the status of any job from any location at any time. Role-based permissions can be assigned to shippers, senders and recipients, ensuring that each party only has access to the information they need. All parties can access the system from a single interface, so there is no need to maintain multiple systems and databases.

How does a freight management system work?

Our cloud-based freight management software in Australia runs on servers located in a secure data centre. You can access it from a regular web browser, which means that it doesn’t matter whether you are using Windows, macOS, iOS, Android or Linux — you can log into the system from any desktop or mobile device. As a subscription-based software application, it is designed to scale with your business, ensuring that you only ever pay for the capacity you require. New jobs and invoices can be created from within the system and tracked from start to finish with the help of modern GPS technology.

Using the GPS chips in driver’s mobile phones, you can track every shipment from the point of dispatch to its arrival at the destination. Senders, recipients and carriers/drivers can all access live tracking information for their consignments, either by logging in via a browser or via the mobile driver’s app.

How cargo software can help your business

Consignmate’s advanced cargo software can help your business in several essential ways:

Ability to quickly create and assign new jobs — New jobs can be created in the system and assigned to carriers or drivers quickly and easily. A faster and simpler administrative system reduces your overheads.

Live tracking — Once a job has been created, all interested parties can track its progress using GPS functionality. This functionality reduces the number of calls your operations department has to field as all parties are already aware of the jobs they are waiting on.

Live dispatch board — Assigning jobs to drivers and rerouting them on the fly is easy to achieve with the live dispatch board. The greater control it provides will enable you to maximise the efficiency of your day-to-day transportation operations.

Raising invoices — Invoices can be issued directly from the freight management system, ensuring accurate and timely billing for every consignment.

You owe it to your business to try Consignmate’s cargo software today.

As freight management experts, Consignmate is your ideal software partner. We can help you get started with our system, take care of all software maintenance tasks and ensure that you can enjoy all the benefits our cloud-based solution has to offer. Contact us now to arrange a free demo of the best freight management software in Australia.