About Us


Consignmate is developed by Imagesoft, the team having over 25 years of experience with software for the transport industry. Imagesoft currently has software deployed to over 100 sites with over 1000 users Australia wide.

Using Our gathered knowledge and the latest technology, Imagesoft has built a new Transport Management System for the user-friendly modern age. By taking the best ideas, the latest technologies and using the world wide web to deliver not just a highly functional and easy to use system but a lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) program for your company.

We understand that you are not an I.T Company. Consignmate will manage the databases, servers, backups and software allowing you to concentrate more on your business.


Core Values

Customer First

Look after the customers interest. Treat customers with respect. Be polite. Arrogance not needed. Provide good service.

Open Company

Everyone has a voice. Put forward ideas, suggestions and concerns. We may not take everything onboard, but we will consider everything.

Quality and Dedication

Take pride in your work. Be passionate about our reputation. Only release approved and tested software to the production environments. Establish and work within the best practice’s guidelines.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Always be a team player. Even the playing field. Be proactive. Assist your team when needed. Share information with fellow team members. Techniques. Best practices. Work with the customer they can also be a team member.

Accountability and Integrity

Be honest and upfront. Admit mistakes and deal with them. Meet your deadlines and communicate when you are not able to. Keep customer information confidential. Keep intellectual property safe.

Strive For Improvement

Always seek to improve the software. Be innovated. Work to improve yourself. Collaborate with customers to bring in their creative ideas.

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