Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system-WMS is a software used by businesses to manage and control regular warehouse operations. Our warehouse management system runs in the cloud and can be accessed from any location, using a standard web browser. It is a fully-featured WMS system that has been designed to integrate seamlessly with our freight management software, providing you with a complete logistics solution at a very competitive price. With no capital expenditure or lengthy installation procedures involved, Consignmate warehouse software is the best choice for commercial organisations to improve efficiency without disrupting their logistics operations. Our warehouse management system in logistics helps in streamlining the different areas of warehouse management through a single interface. Moreover, the warehouse management software can be integrated with other tools for enhanced operational efficiency. If you would like to partner with a WMS software company, for real-time visibility, connect with us.  

What is a warehouse management system?

A warehouse management system is a software solution designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your inventory and supply chain operations. The best systems provide excellent visibility into all areas of your warehouse and logistics operations, giving you the ability to manage storage space, inventory levels and order fulfilment from one easy-to-navigate, central dashboard. 

How does warehouse management software work?

Warehouse management software works by monitoring all of your inventory and day-to-day warehouse operations. Inventory and logistics data can either be scanned in or entered manually, but, in either case, it will only need to be done once for each consignment entering or leaving your warehouse. Thanks to our electronic data interchange (EDI), which also runs in the cloud, your team will be able to spend less time entering data and more time being productive. Our cloud EDI facilitates the automatic data exchange between your warehousing management system and other software applications, eliminating costly errors and duplicate data entry.

How our warehouse management system can help your business

There are several key ways in which our sophisticated WMS software can help your business, including:

  • More efficient stock control — With a detailed overview of current inventory always available, you will find it easier to maintain appropriate stock levels in your warehouse. Oversights will become a thing of the past as quantities of all products will be clearly visible from your WMS dashboard.
  • Highly integrated logistics operation — With your warehouse and freight management teams sharing data across cloud-based solutions, you’ll be able to implement more efficient order fulfilment procedures and better inventory control.
  • Improved disaster recovery — All your data will be stored on secure servers in the cloud, which means that any software or hardware failures at your premises will not result in a permanent loss of data.

With a WMS solution from Consignmate, warehouse staff, carriers and drivers can operate as one highly efficient and well-oiled machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

A TMS manages your freight operations, while a WMS manages your storage facilities. We offer both systems to our customers in a highly integrated, cloud-based solution that can be adopted quickly and easily. With no significant up-front investment and no future upgrades or security patches to worry about, our TMS and WMS solutions are incredibly convenient and cost-effective.
Any business that wants to reduce overheads and improve efficiency should consider investing in a warehouse software solution. By automating many data entry tasks and providing complete visibility into storage and logistics operations, a warehouse management solution can help your business save a great deal of money. It could also help provide a more efficient service to your customers for order fulfilment times and accuracy.
If you want to minimise costs and maximise efficiency improvements, a cloud-based system that your service provider maintains is almost certainly the best choice.