EDI (Electronic Data interchange)

Unlock simpler transport operations with time-saving EDI software

Do you need solutions that deliver efficiency for your transport business? Consignmate’s EDI cloud software can deliver!

Developed for businesses in the transport industry, our EDI solution is automated data entry software at its best. It enables your Australian or New Zealand business to spend less time manually entering data and correcting errors, and more time on productive activities.

EDI lets businesses — small, medium and large — easily exchange data between different systems and apps, giving quicker communication up and down the supply chain. Get the competitive edge your business needs with Consignmate’s highly efficient EDI, hosted securely in the cloud.

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EDI (Electronic Data interchange)

How cloud EDI works

If you’re spending hours shuffling through shipments and reports or chasing up data, then you’re wasting precious time. Cloud EDI can manage and monitor your paperwork for you.

How? EDI software automatically interchanges data between systems and applications. It pulls relevant data from incoming files and inserts it into the correct fields on other systems. Not only does this totally transform workflow for your business, but it also minimises costly data entry errors.

Benefits of EDI Cloud

  • Maximise efficiency

EDI eliminates doubling up on data entry. Customers create their own shipments by logging in online, uploading their files and invoices to the cloud or connecting their software to your system via an EDI transfer. Information is interchanged without the need for manual processing.

  • Reduce errors

Strict standardisation ensures information is correctly formatted before it undergoes further processing, ultimately improving the quality and accuracy of all data.

  • Keep drivers informed

With Consignmate, you can send real-time notifications to drivers on the road via the mobile app. They’ll always be up to speed with consignment notes and other updates.

Cloud Network and Computing

Why EDI cloud is better

Cloud-based solutions for EDI are increasingly common. Businesses are realising the power in utilising solutions that aren’t attached to hardware and are able to automate certain processes — helping streamline their own internal procedures and saving both time and money as a result. But what could the benefits be for your business? Here’s some of the key drivers for switching to cloud EDI: 

  • Security — Advanced encryption and monitoring ensure EDI systems are secure. Plus, with your priceless data stored on the cloud, it’s always protected from hardware and software breakdowns. Your business won’t grind to a halt in emergency situations.
  • Flexibility and scalability — With three levels of implementation, you’re able to scale a cloud-based EDI solution to your organisation as it grows or downscales. You’ll always have the right scale of service for your scale of business.
  • Affordability — With cloud EDI, you won’t have expensive software, hardware or upgrade bills.
  • Wide data support — EDI cloud will support any structured data standards and formats.
  • Integration – Cloud solutions integrate more effectively with other business systems and apps.
  • Onboarding – Because B2B cloud EDI integrations are easier, the onboarding process of new partners or users is quicker and simpler, too.
  • Availability – The cloud has almost zero downtime.

Why choose Consignmate?

Choosing Consignmate means choosing reliable EDI experts. We’ll get your user-friendly EDI software set up and running quickly at an affordable cost. We have a monthly billing system with no contracts that lock you in. It’s a cost-effective way to get EDI cloud services in operation and to ensure that you have the SaaS solutions that you need to maximise your business efficiency. 

We also continue to develop our EDI software for Australian and New Zealand businesses. Our goal is to make it even quicker and easier to use – and more accessible to all staff, no matter their level of technical skill.


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started is easy. Just get your client to provide an Excel file and we’ll show you how to map the fields for automated data entry. And that’s it. You’re ready to go!

Consignmate can help you quickly allocate drivers and consignments. During implementation, simply define the logic and rules that work best for your business, then using the data output from our EDI system, you’ll be able to create more effective rosters and job allocation.

When you’ve got clients who require complex processes — for example, two-way integration — our software is still able to assist. Featuring a variety of API solutions that work in conjunction with ERP systems, our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your client integrations are carried out successfully.

To learn more about Consignmate’s EDI cloud software, contact us today.